Wii is a dedicated machine – a “game console” – for playing video games that can be connected to a television. Created by Nintendo and released in 2006, it is currently the best-selling console on the market. By September 30, 2011, over 89 million Wii consoles were sold worldwide. Video games are often thought to have become more popular with a wider audience, especially women and the elderly. How do I connect my Wii to the internet? 

More and more sophisticated gaming machines now have many functions that allow you to do other things than just play your favorite video games. Some Blu-ray Disc players allow you to surf the Internet and surf the Internet in the same way as you would on a computer. 

Step 1: Turn on the Wii console (on the left) and make sure that the controller (in the upper right corner) works. In the Wii menu on the TV screen, select Wii in the bottom left corner. Then choose Wii Settings. On the other page is the “Internet” bar. Choose it.

How do i connect my Wii to the internet?

Step 2: You need to connect your Wii device to your wireless broadband router to access the Internet. On the TV screen, select the top button – Connection settings – and then Connection 1. The Wii will search for and display a list of all available wireless broadband signals. Select the signal corresponding to the router and enter the appropriate password.

Step 3: Wii will ask you for any additional information it needs and will suggest updating to find new software updates. After completing the necessary operations, you can now use the Wii to surf the Internet. 

Nintendo Wii, initially discounted by gaming industry observers as graphically poor compared to Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, wiped the floor of sales to competitors. In February 2007, 335,000 Wiis were sold in the US, compared to 228,000 Xbox 360 and 127,000 PS3. The Wii’s success is its unique controller: simple and wireless, it reacts to your movements naturally, turning into a baseball bat, sword or hand when needed. In a word, it’s fun.



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