If you run a meat and food processing business, you know how important it is to have the right equipment to keep production running. No plant can be complete without reliable equipment specialized in a particular field. The demands in this business are very high, so you cannot afford downtime and problems with product quality. We come to your aid and make you a perfect offer – specialized butcher equipment, which is recommended for use in both smaller and larger butcher shops and other meat processing facilities. We are a company that provides the market with both used and new machines for many years. Now we invite you to join the wide group of satisfied customers.

Professional meat grinders – a wide selection of top-quality machines

Specialized equipment for food processing plants must be of excellent quality. Only such devices are able to meet the high demands placed on them every day. In our online shop, you will find professional meat grinders from well-known and renowned manufacturers such as Velati, Kolbe, Kramer & Grebe, KG Wetter, Laska, Seydelman. These are market-leading manufacturers who guarantee meat grinders in different variations: horizontal and vertical, with agitator and cooling. A wide range allows you to choose equipment according to the size of your business. All new and used meat grinders are remarkable for powerful motors, voluminous tanks, high capacity, sharp blades, a number of safety features and easily removable parts.

It is hard to imagine a butchery without such a machine. These devices are perfect for every meat and food processing facility, but also for shops, restaurants and various catering establishments. Use them for mincing different types of meat, cheese, fish, and other food products. We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer consisting of  new and used meat processing equipment.

New butcher machines – choose modern equipment

On our website of ERY Food Machinery, you will find professional modern butcher machines which impress with reliability and are able to work at top efficiency for a long time. We have a wide range of equipment for different types of food preparation and production facilities. We have over one thousand machines, including such equipment as vacuum tumblers, filling machines, meat cutters, clipping machines, food dicers, packing machines and many others.

Used meat processing machines – still reliable and of the highest quality

Every client can be confident that selected machinery will be delivered in a perfect condition due to its continuous servicing. All the devices available on our website are selectively chosen from a very wide range of models in order to find only the best machines. This way, you can count on maximum performance for many years.

If you are interested, contact us – we assist our clients in the machinery selling process, supervising the whole process ourselves. You can count on us to use our experience to advise you on the right choice of equipment for your plant. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the all available categories on our website – ERY Food Machinery.


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