There is still a summer weather around us so it’s nothing new that people want to have great body on the beach! If you have a problem like a fat belly or too much weight you can figure out from our text what to do to look extra good in bikini!

How to lose weight quickly?

Firstly, please remember that losing weight to fastly isn’t healthy and can cause some disorders which you don’t want to have, probably. And in this way of getting a body from your dreams you can easily catch yoyo effect. Who cares, yeah? We want to have beautiful body now!

The best from your organism is to lose about one kilogram per week, but if you really, really, really want to lose more – you can do it. Just try to follow our tips. Let’s go!

Diet diary

It is good to have your diet diary, diet notebook or a plan on your fridge. Yes, it will help you to follow every step of your dream, to imagine the beach body, to have your goals always in your mind. And of course, if you want to give up, you just can take a look at your beginnings. I guess that in every day of your effort you look better than when you start.
So it is good to write your beginning weight. But as you know – weight isn’t the most important. Event a kid knows that one kilogram of fat has more volume that one kilogram of muscles. And you’re the type who wants to have muscles, yeah?

You should write down your waist, arm, butt, thigh circumference and that’s the thing you will compair after a diet.

Every day you can write down the things you eat. I mean – everything. One sweet is just a one sweet but also some calories, which you have to remember. Then you say ‘I eat nothing, but I’m fat’. After writing everything we will know if it’s true or not.


Water is really important, I would say necessary. You should remember that. There are special applications in Google store for your device to remind you to drink water. Water is the best thing to make your metabolism faster and to help your body move out all of toxins.

What is the best in water – it is cheap and everyone can buy it. It isn’t a thing that is for special people, but give special and spectacular effects. Water is zero calorie, that’s why it’s better than any other drink you want to drink. It makes your stomach full so you eat less. Amazing, isn’t it? It even makes your skin more beautiful, and your complexion really pretty.


That’s what tigers like the most! Exercises! You can do workout at your home or in the gym, outside or in, it doesn’t matter. What is really important is to move your body. You can do a hard workout on gym or just change your car to riding a bike to your work – everything matter and is good to help you lose weight. At the beginning it could be hard to do a workout and you can be exhausted, maybe want to die, but it’s worth it.
Push ups, sit ups etc. Also will make your body stronger and slimmer and so perfect to go on the beach.


Diet, I think, is the most difficult thing to follow. You know that if you only want to lose weight and time doesn’t matter you can eat less and healthier, but if you want to do it quickly…

So, the first thing you know – you have to eat less. Check by the calculator avaible online how many calories per day you need and the eat 200 or 300 or maybe 400 less. You will see the effects, I promise you.

What is more you can’t it fast food any more. To be honest, you have to avoid any junk food. Man, even chips are prohibited. No sweet drinks and, oh god, no alcohol. I’m sorry, but alcohol has a lot of calories.

So it’s the time to go to the grocery. Sounds bad? Well, start buying veggies and fruits, but more veggies. Fruit have a lot of sugar. They are more healthy than sweets and can help you to say good minded when avoid Sweets, but still – sugar.
You should also avoid red meat, I mean now you should eat rather chicken. Chicken is good for muscles. And try to not using a pan and a lot of oils! They make you fatter. Try to book a meat or use a grill, and if you need oil just use that from olives.


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